The Challenge

The South African Schools Act promotes active citizenship and democracy and encourages the participation of students in school governance via the policy mandated representative councils of learners (RCLs). Unfortunately, RCLs at school level suffer from a weakened imagination in which the long history of the British-colonial prefect system has come to be entangled with the history of liberation politics and student representative councils (SRCs).

This means that while the policy statement may aim at genuine student participation and representation, in practice, many schools view RCLs only as symbolic student leadership or as ‘model students’. Little opportunity is therefore afforded for students to use the vehicle of RCLs to express genuine student interests.

How we support student leaders?

Bottomup’s RCL work aims to reignite genuine student participation, representation and an orientation toward social justice on schools.

We offer:

Policy Education Workshops

Leadership & Governance Training

Social Justice Education

We do this on:

Saturday Workshops

RCL Weekend Camps

Mobile Classroom Experiences