Action Research Committees

What are ARC groups?

ARC groups are opt-in high school student groups that conduct youth participatory action research (YPAR) projects. Students are taught action research methodology and learn to examine social reality, their schools and communities through the lens of critical social theory. These students groups through a process of problem identification and analysis, identify issues that produce disengagement at their school, research the issue and attempt to take action to produce positive social change concerning the issue they identify.

ARC groups Bottomup works with have highlighted and raised questions about serious matters such as language exclusion, corporal punishment, gender bias in uniform policies and school lockout. In ARC students learn about the governance structures in education, educational policy and also develop critical perspectives concerning the issue they are working on.

Ultimately, ARC groups hope to contribute to producing positive and socially just schools by asking critical questions, encouraging dialogue and contesting problematic structures, policies and practices that hold injustices in place.

When it happens?

ARC students meet twice weekly during school break-times

Saturday workshops, monthly.

ARC weekend camps

Mobile Classrooms