BottomUp Speak Up Festival 2019

Exactly just one month to go until the Second Annual BottomUp public speaking festival: Speak Up 2019: Recognise – Analyse – Reimagine

Saturday saw our second to last workshop as we met with the learners to go over some last minute speaking dos and donts, but mostly to spend time finishing writing the bulk of the speeches.

Thandi led a session where each speaker got to practice using the mic. A simple exercise of introducing your neighbour to the audience with real or made up information. Then feedback was received in terms of areas of improvement and the following speaker had to take that into account as they came up to do theirs.

Then we broke into our small groups and the learners had a good portion of time to continue working on their speeches with facilitators on hand to give guidance and be sounding boards.

Listening to some of the topics that are going to be tackled, we are very much looking forward to what promises to be a challenging and critique-filled session of young people questioning some of the spaces and systems they find themselves surrounded by.

With just four weeks to go, the focus will be on finishing up the speeches and then doing some final editing and starting to practice, practice, practice.

Have you bought your ticket yet? If not, head on over and secure one before it’s too late!